Is your production line difficult to operate or time consuming?

Is your equipment giving you a hard time to restart after a problem?

Do operators have to call maintenance regularly to identify and solve problems with your production equipment?

Following a problem, do you have to empty a machine and throw away finished products before you restart it?




During last year, was an accident caused by the unexpected launch of an automated equipment?

Did your employees develop back problems when removing products from machines which had to be emptied before they could restart it again?

Did you experience accidents or mechanical breakdowns because of simply misaligned, dirty or defective sensors?




Does tracking down your products require human intervention, which may lead to errors in your finishing lines?

Do you have to stop and empty your equipment before you start another order?




Are your PLC programs complex and difficult to understand by your maintenance department?

Do you think that a formal, simple and effective PLC programming method could increase your productivity?

Are you considering to update your control equipment in the next year?


If you answered YES to one or more of these questions,

we can help you solve your problems.


Free demo

We have prepared a short demo with ReflexTM. This is done on a scaled down conveyor, with different sensors and actuators.


During the presentation, different programming methods of PLC are compared, including SFC and GRAFCET. Typical problems and machine safety will be discussed.


The presentation is a must for control engineers, directors of maintenance, operations and health & security departments.


This demo will catch your interest and shed new light on system programming.


Your production facilities have underestimated potential. Let us show you.