In general, equipment alarm programming is not systematic. Only a few alarms are available and they are generally the history of crashes that have occurred in the past. If a problem occurs, the machine stops without displaying any message. Diagnosing the problem becomes a long and dangerous process because the equipment can restart at any time.


At PC Automax, alarm programming is standard and systematic. Our QuadAlarmTM system takes care of every possible case. It is a structured and formal method that makes it possible to detect instantly any equipment malfunction, such as:


1- Defective sensor;

2- Misaligned sensor;

3- Product jam;

4- Defective mechanism; and

5- Human intervention.


If a problem is detected, an alarm is displayed on the operator interface and our localization function makes it easy to physically find the problem. This eliminates the time needed to establish a diagnosis. This immediate problem detection minimizes mechanical breakdowns and resulting product deterioration. Moreover, with QuadAlarmTM, each sensor is armed. This eliminates all unexpected startups that are often a cause of accidents.


It has been proven that QuadAlarmTM makes equipment much safer

and significantly reduces accidents.



*QuadAlarmTM is a trademark and property of PC Automax Inc.




Free demo

We have prepared a short demo with ReflexTM. This is done on a scaled down conveyor, with different sensors and actuators.


During the presentation, different programming methods of PLC are compared, including SFC and GRAFCET. Typical problems and machine safety will be discussed.


The presentation is a must for control engineers, directors of maintenance, operations and health & security departments.


This demo will catch your interest and shed new light on system programming.


Your production facilities have underestimated potential. Let us show you.