ReflexTM is a revolutionary programming method exclusive to PC Automax Inc. This method makes it possible to increase automated equipment intelligence and productivity. Compared to SFC or GRAFCET, where the equipment is programmed to execute a precise sequence, ReflexTM makes it possible for the equipment to react to faulty behaviors and various human interventions.


ReflexTM's main characteristic is to allow fast restarts under any condition. It is never necessary to empty or to reset a machine in order to restart it. If an operation problem occurs, QuadAlarmTM detects it, the operator corrects the situation and ReflexTM makes it possible to start again quickly and smoothly.


Operating interface


One of our performance criteria is that if an equipment refuses to run, either in automatic or manual mode, a message must be displayed so the operator can understand what is going on.


Our operating interface includes the following characteristics:


1. Alarm banner and message banner;

2. Physical localization function for easy diagnosis;

3. Timers, counters, speed presets managment directly in the interface;

4. Customizable online help for operation support; and

5. Customizable description of each input/output for maintenance personnel support.




ReflexTM's applications are designed for sequential automated systems equipped with a graphical operation interface. Conversion, transformation, packaging or material handling lines usually have an excellent optimization potential. Impressive gains are obtained where automated equipment is running 24/24 and 7/7.


ReflexTM makes smarter machine.


* ReflexTM is a trademark and property of PC Automax Inc.


Free demo

We have prepared a short demo with ReflexTM. This is done on a scaled down conveyor, with different sensors and actuators.


During the presentation, different programming methods of PLC are compared, including SFC and GRAFCET. Typical problems and machine safety will be discussed.


The presentation is a must for control engineers, directors of maintenance, operations and health & security departments.


This demo will catch your interest and shed new light on system programming.


Your production facilities have underestimated potential. Let us show you.