About us


PC Automax inc. was founded in 1995 by Pierre-Emmanuel Côté. At that time, Mr. Côté was a consultant specialized in SFC/GRAFCET applications and structured PLC programming. He also trained hundreds of engineers and technicians with his methods.


Our philosophy: «Adapt the equipment to the people, not the other way around.»


Experimenting the SFC/GRAFCET limitations and operation problems with sequential automatisms , Mr. Côté challenged himself to reinvent PLC programming.


In 1996-97 PC Automax invested in R&D to create QuadAlarmTM. In 2004, ReflexTM, a formal programming method, was created.


ReflexTM represents an important breakthrough compared to the SFC/GRAFCET programming methods. We developed this revolutionary method and firmly believe that it is impossible to make sequential automatisms programming in a more structured and efficient way.


At PC Automax, we showed that quality programming generates actual profits at many levels.


Our objective is to share our knowledge with our customers

so they can run their business in a

safer and more efficient manner.


* QuadAlarmTM and ReflexTM are trademarks and property of PC Automax Inc.




Free demo

We have prepared a short demo with ReflexTM. This is done on a scaled down conveyor, with different sensors and actuators.


During the presentation, different programming methods of PLC are compared, including SFC and GRAFCET. Typical problems and machine safety will be discussed.


The presentation is a must for control engineers, directors of maintenance, operations and health & security departments.


This demo will catch your interest and shed new light on system programming.


Your production facilities have underestimated potential. Let us show you.