PEMCO cartonizer


Before reprogramming


1- Approximately once a week, the cartonizer stopped without displaying any message. The maintenance personnel then tried to identify the problem, but most of the time, the equipment restarted by itself before a diagnosis was established. This situation persisted for more than 6 months.

2- Each time that a faulty operation occurred, such as an inappropriately folded lid, the only way to restart the machine was to empty it, and reset the sequence. The reams had to be rejected and recycled.


After reprogramming


1- During startup, the faulty mechanism was quickly identified at the first occurence. It was only a worn cylinder that sometimes could not finish its stroke. The part was replaced and this intermittent problem was eliminated.

2- Now, if the equipment refuses to run, a message or an alarm is always displayed.

3- If a faulty operation occurs, the operator corrects the problem on the line then makes the same correction on the operating interface. Going back in automatic mode restarts the equipment.




1- Product rejection is practically eliminated ($65 000. / year in economy).

2- Unplanned downtime of this equipment was reduced from 300 to 125 hours per year.

3- Upstream cutting machine uptime was increased by 50 hours per year.

4- Service calls by the maintenance personnel are practically eliminated.

5- Return on investment within only 4 months.



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Free demo

We have prepared a short demo with ReflexTM. This is done on a scaled down conveyor, with different sensors and actuators.


During the presentation, different programming methods of PLC are compared, including SFC and GRAFCET. Typical problems and machine safety will be discussed.


The presentation is a must for control engineers, directors of maintenance, operations and health & security departments.


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